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To find the best Halloween costume ideas 2011, click! When we think of unrepeatable event, we rarely think about children's parties each year we celebrate the birthdays of our children. Growth always cause for excitement for all children, for that reason the birthday assumes special significance for them.Can never be held back a first birthday and every one of them is special and unique.So take care of every detail is a task which requires time and a little effort. In TodoPapás ​​give you tips and ideas to make the party memorable.

For everything to be perfect attempts to organize in advance. Ask two or three adults that will help both the organization and in his own party. Use friends, siblings. relatives or teenagers. Surely the latter will be happy to lend a hand if there is also a tip through. If you are unable yet, you can enlist the help and advice of professionals.Leave everything in their hands and see how everything goes without a hitch.


It is important to choose a suitable place for the number of children and age. When deciding whether to celebrate or not at home we must take into account that children need lots of space. Are looking for a broad in your own home or a family member, trying to remove anything likely to break or stain. If you have the opportunity to use a community room, rent a room or weather permitting in the garden or do a park, where you will not have to worry about the damage. In any case intended a table for tea and cake and defines an object-free area for games.


Organize different families so that their kids attend the party is no easy task in the busy world in which we live. Therefore, the more guests you have, more time should have let them know. Try not to mix ages of children because it is difficult to control the organization of the games and the atmosphere of the party if age is not as homogeneous as possible. How many buddies you invite? This rule can help you: the child's age + 1.

The invitation

You can make yourself with your child. Use colored construction paper, markers, stickers, confetti, download computer artwork, etc.. or buy them already made.Whatever the option do not forget:
- Specify whether or not parents are invited.
- Full address and a map if necessary.
- The start time of the party and the collection.
- Detailing the appropriate attire if the party requires it (swimsuit, clothes for painting, costume, etc.).
- Prompting. (So ​​you can calculate the food and all preparations)

Try to be delivered at least a week and a half ago.


Suitable decor is essential to keep the party a success. Also keep in mind the child's age according to decorate it.
One of the most appreciated solutions are balloons, are synonymous with celebration, give a unique color and the kids love it. It is important to properly assess the age of the children. If they are young we must put the balloons out of reach or have extra monitoring of adults who can not swallow the remains of a balloon exploded.
At Party Land are experts in professional balloon decor with a party mood that whatever the subject of it. A great idea is to make a theme party. Question before the little on what you want your party.

Proposals for themed parties for all ages

The first meets

The first birthday is always a celebration for the family rather than for them, but I'm sure if you celebrate unforgettable for everyone. Just do not expect the child to pay interest.
To enjoy her first birthday invite a few people try to not be overwhelming. Celebrate after nap time and fills the room with helium balloons that are colorful and attract much. Party Land provides a specially designed dishes for the first birthday of your baby in blue and red for a boy and pink and purple if it is female, with matching bib and bouquets of balloons of the same reason.

Two years

The two-year mark at different rates. The baby is old enough to join in the celebration, participating in all activities, less time sleeping and communicate better. Also you can show your fingers the years to comply when asked. You can invite family and his early playmates (four are more than enough). At this age Party Land is committed to the following topics:

Winnie The Pooh: It is usually one of the Disney characters more like the kids from 2 to 5 years. Party Land in dishes and find balloons with the face shape of Winnie and all his friends and even sets of 7 m in length to cover the walls, turning any room into a magical place. In addition to entertaining the kids will find a classic in the game to put the tail on the friend of Winnie the donkey Eore.

-Mickey Mouse: A popular character for children 2 to 5 years. Besides the dishes have cardboard masks of the Disney characters and wreaths in the shape of Mickey.Also walker Mickey balloon over 1 m in height assures that the most famous mouse of all time not miss the party!

-The Farm: A very tender subject with pigs, cows and sheep also to please the little ones, can be very educational for children 2 to 5 years. For this topic you will find balloons in the shape of all members of the farm and even boats to make bubbles to match the theme. Take the opportunity to ask them to come dressed as animals and thus give life to the farm.

-Die: Why not hold a party in the jungle? Also find centerpieces with the theme, plates, balloons in the shape of monkey, elephant, zebra and lion, will take part in the festival and give time to the place of holding an air safari.

-Clowns: A classic theme for children ages 2 to 5 years for his colorful and cheerful is striking. Again you can find everything to have a party of clowns and colors that fill the feast of fantasy.

From 3 years

At this age the child and go to school and make their first friends. It will also be the protagonists of the party to be invited by other children. These early exchanges build a social matrix and will be a valuable opportunity to learn values ​​such as giving and receiving, and separated from their mothers. Party Land For these years you this advice:

-Cars: If you are between 3 and 8 years are sure to love everything related to Disney Cars. At Party Land can find everything for a party theme Lightning Macqueen set in the same desert of Radiator Springs with the sets of up to 7 feet long to cover the walls.

-Princess: A classic theme party girls between 4 to 7 years which is very spectacular when guests come in costume and use every wall decorations Party Land to convert the party into a real palace of fantasy. In addition to chariot-shaped balloons, cake princess castle, you will find decorated with all the princesses Disney themed tableware and even disposable plastic cups.

-Spiderman: Also a classic that never gets old. You can find theme tableware, figures of almost 1 m of Spiderman party favors for guests, red and blue balloons for the party mood, and even the costume for Spider-Man do not miss the celebration.

-Pirates: For children between 4 and 8. With piratesa pirate costumes, patches, glasses, swords, piñatas shaped chests, parrots rubber skull-shaped balloons and wall decorations, appear that the boat Pirates of the Caribbean has docked at the party.

-Peter Pan: A feast for both girls and boys from 4 to 8 years in which they can dress up as Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook to recreate the magical world of Neverland. Party Land in china theme and find everything you need to brighten up the party.


The cake can never miss. If you've decided to make it, try to master the recipe and keep innovating at the moment, if you want last-minute surprises. Shaped mold used related party theme, decorate with sweets and bright colors.
If you want to surprise with a unique cake, but want to stay all morning with his hands in the dough, let others do: Party Land in a real cake you can order handmade tailored to the subject and the figures you want, paste prepared sugar.

More Ideas

* Schedule a game list, but remember not to last long: the children get tired quickly of an activity and want to change. So no evil can come to have several "replacement plans." Think about what you enjoy doing and prepares your child plays with it. It uses the life-like Quest for Booty, chairs, etc.. And try to make everyone feel a small prize winners for each.
You will find it easier to think of activities if the party has a specific theme. So "put the tail on the donkey" can become "put the patch the pirate," "the crown princess" or "the clown nose."

* Do not forget to prepare something to keep them entertained while you wait to get the other guests. Propose a craft, like making cardboard crowns with the name of each guest or assist in the decor.

* The music should not miss. Burn a CD with your child's favorite songs.

* If you prefer to get rid of the difficult task of decorating the party, let the hands of decorators Party balloons Land. They can advise you with a personalized decoration according to the space where we celebrate the theme party and I'm sure the party will leave with their mouths open to all. Also in Party Land also put at your disposal the best animation festivals that will keep the little ones are so much fun and the party is a success.

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